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If You Are in Need of an EEG or VEEG, the Neurologists at Westchester Neurological Consultants Are Here to Help. Let Us Help Evaluate You for Abnormal Firing of Brain Waves. If You Are Suffering From Seizures and Don’t Know What Is Causing Them – Come to the Best Brain Doctor.

EEG & VEEG Yonkers NY

Scheduling an appointment to receive an electroencephalography (EEG) or video electroencephalography (VEEG) can be a huge hassle when you are planning your appointment through a hospital. Planning an appointment can take months of notice with large hospitals, which can be difficult if you have a busy schedule or are not willing to wait for a long period of time to have your EEG or VEEG done. At Westchester Neurological Consultants, our team of neurology professionals provide a convenient alternative of accessible and timely neurology services right in the heart of New York City. We know that one of the most frustrating parts of receiving a neurology service, such as an EEG or VEEG, is scheduling it with a neurologist. Westchester Neurological Consultants is a state of the art neurology clinic that offers personalized one on one medical care with an experienced neurologist. When you schedule an appointment with our team for an EEG or VEEG, we will provide you with a timely appointment and see to your neurology needs as soon as possible.

EEGs and VEEGs have several purposes, and are most often performed by a physician in order to better understand your brain’s electrical activity, which can be associated with a number of brain disorders. Some of these brain disorders can include seizure disorders such as epilepsy, head injuries, encephalitis, brain tumors, encephalopathy, memory issues, sleep problems, strokes and dementia. If you are experiencing any symptoms that you believe may be leading to any brain disorder listed here, then it is important to schedule an appointment with a neurologist as soon as possible. At Westchester Neurological Consultants, we will take the time to understand your symptoms and ask you important questions about your medical history to better apply a diagnostic tool, such as EEGs or VEEGs. VEEGs are longer lasting than an EEG and are used to specifically understand what type of seizure you may be suffering from. Your neurologist will be able to assess if you require either an EEG or VEEG when you come into Westchester Neurological Consultants for your appointment.

If you believe that you may be suffering from brain injury or illness symptoms, then it is important that you see a trained neurologist as soon as possible. Our centrally located neurology clinic in Yonkers provides top quality medical care to patients in the Greater New York City area and offers a wide variety of neurology services. We know that every patient’s medical needs are different when it comes to their health, so we provide individualized appointments and medical advice. If you think that our clinic is right for you, then we welcome you to schedule an appointment today at Westchester Neurological Consultants. Our team looks forward to helping you with all of your EEG and VEEG needs soon!

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