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Emad Soliman, M.D., Ms.C.
Chief of Neurology

While in 3rd grade elementary school, Doctor Soliman wrote a school project describing what he wanted to be when he grew up, a doctor, and when he was asked why, he replied to the entire class “it is a job of mercy”.

This was the basis for Doctor Soliman seeking a career in medicine. When he finished high school, Doctor Soliman graduated with Cum De Laude and was immediately accepted into the prestigious 7-year medical program at Alexandria University School of Medicine. He remembered running to his parents to give them the great news of acceptance to medical school and remembers his father looking at him and said “son it does not matter; be a doctor, be a plumber, be a carpenter but be the best at what you do”.

With these words, Doctor Soliman started medical school and graduated in the top 3% of his class. He was always passionate about the immune system and neuroscience. He decided to finish with a graduate study.

Doctor Soliman joined and successfully completed a Master of Science program at Long Island University in Immunology and molecular biology graduating top of his class. He immediately started an internship and a residency program at Albert Einstein School of Medicine. He went further to study the nerve and muscle disease, completing a fellowship training at prestigious Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Over the past 17 years, Doctor Soliman has been in private practice with hospital affiliation in local community hospitals. Doctor Soliman served as the chief of Neurology and the Director of the stroke units at St. John Riverside hospital, St Joseph Medical Center and Mount Vernon-Montefiore Hospital.

Over the years, Doctor Soliman built a large multidisciplinary neurology practice treating patients with headache, migraines, seizures, Parkinson’s, memory problems, balance disorder in addition to nerve and muscle disease.

Over the years and through training and certification from various prestigious neurological institutes, Doctor Soliman became professional in:

  • * Transcranial doppler testing for patient with strokes and TIAs
  • * Botulinum Toxin injections for patient with chronic headache, excessive sweating and spasms
  • * Autonomic testing for patient with frequent falls and neuropathy
  • * Balance test for patient with dizziness and gait problem
  • * Electroencephalography for patients with seizure and syncope.
  • * Trigger Point Injection with Ultrasound for patients with neck pain and back pain.
  • * Neurocognitive test: for patient with memory ad attention problem

Doctor Soliman built the Westchester Neurological Consultant practice to serve patients in the metropolitan area with all neurological needs and with emphasis that this will provide them with premier neurological care. Patient always come first; emergencies will be seen the same day, routine neurological consultation within 72 hours.

Doctor Soliman is highly regarded by his colleagues and the community doctors for his expertise and passionate care. Patients come from other large institutions to have a second opinion for neurological care with Doctor Soliman.


Karen Doblin, NP, BC, PhD, CCRN Pain Management Nurse Practitioner

Karen graduated from Pace University and is certified as a nurse practitioner and clinical specialist. Her previous experience as an RN at Westchester Medical Center in critical care/PACU led to an interest and devotion to ease the suffering of patients. She has extensive experience in pain management from Beth Israel Medical Center where she co ordinated a large outpatient interventional pain practice. She holds certifications in pain management and critical care. She also has a PhD from Northwestern University with a special interest in neuromodulation techniques. She has published on the topics of Intrathecal Pain Pumps and Spinal Cord Stimulation and presented posters and research results on related studies.

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